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For shipbrokers, owners and operators – anyone
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Fleet Data

IHS World fleet integrated,
“BYOD” (bring your own data)

Easy Share

Enter your comments, documents, enquiries, valuations, contacts, privately for your team


Quick search or advanced search
by ship criteria

Secure – from the ground up

Your data is sent using HTTPS and
safely stored in the cloud

Cloud Based

Store unlimited amounts of documents
No hidden server costs

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Advanced search

Search through the world fleet of commercial ships.
Segment specific views available

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Easy share

All your team logs about the ships, available in seconds.
No one else sees it!

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Advanced search

For any search result. Instantly.

See Sales Prices

Advanced search

15 years of ship sales prices included in our base package. Add or edit when you know better.

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Cloud Storage

Store ship documents with easy drag and drop.
Share with 3rd parties with a link. Size no longer matters.

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Valuation Cert. generator

We tailor-make report formats for your needs.
"Like a pdf valuation certificate generator with my logo and disclaimer on it?" Yes, like that.
No problem.

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Fully featured CRM

Share contacts and lists with colleagues.
Circulate ships instantly.
Make phone/skype calls with one click.

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